Honest, Transparent, and Easy to Understand


Our initial consultation is always free and is the first step in any client relationship. Take an hour to sit down with a SmartVestor Pro and simply learn about each other in a relaxed, common environment. Our relationships with our clients are the fundamental core of our business. We want to invest our time to clearly understand your goals and intentions before we enter into any professional relationship.


Similar to an accountant or attorney, we define the scope of the engagement, deliver services, and invoice accordingly when someone is seeking a comprehensive financial plan. Our relationship here has a defined start and end. This is a useful service if you need help with a complex financial decision, would like a qualified assessment of a current strategy, or would like to measure the effectiveness of your current plan or advisor relationship.


Similar to health insurance premiums or a gym membership – we are just assisting with our client’s financial health. This is a subscription-based service where clients pay a periodic fee for on-going financial advice. Having an on-going relationship with an advisor ensures strategies are implemented, and your financial health is continually monitored through the expertise of a financial planner. This service works best with young professionals, families, and small business owners looking to establish a long-term advisor-client relationship.


A more traditional advisor-client relationship, we offer customized investment management solutions. As a fee per assets under management, Engage can assume responsibility and discretionary authority of investment accounts. This service includes continuous assessment of financial goals, strategic re-balancing, communication with your tax professional, and close control over investment expenses and tax efficiency. This service works best for those looking to be proactive with their savings in partnership with their SmartVestor Pro.